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Envato is a world-leading online community for creative assets, tools and talent Millions of people around the world visit Envato to buy and sell creative assets, use smart design templates, learn creative skills, or even hire freelancers.

A small business owner shares his disappointing experience on g2.com, "Envato locked me out of their service without any explanation after I purchased an update of my existing web theme from this company, at the request of the developer, who I pay to work on my site. No effort on my part to even get them to answer why succeeded. They refused to offer any reason, said that their decision is final and that they have a right to refuse any customer without explanation. I have been doing business online since the mid-1990s, when the Internet just began, have dealt with countless vendors and services, and NEVER have I experienced anything like this."


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Todo se basa en que le tienes que caer bien a tu jefe, te piden que cambies tus gustos y son muy intolerantes a la libertad de expresión. Cons: Todo"

Diseñador Gráfico (Current Employee) says

"No se tiene respeto a los empleados, se los considera más como un recurso que como si fueran personas."

Auxiliar Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"La cultura del trabajo es buena. pero el liderazgo toxico"

Video Editor (Former Employee) says

"Editing, reviewing photos, video footages for commercials, music videos, advertisements or promo videos. Working in a big office like a startup company with many nice and talented people"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Envato full-time Cons: The Sr Managment has a lack of knowledge of legal regulations."

Former Employee - Developer says

"I worked at Envato full-time for less than a year Cons: High attrition rate (~23% in the last year)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Envato full-time for more than a year Cons: Envato has a remarkably toxic workplace. In the last few months of working there, I've barely had a positive conversation about the company, and turnover has been high. I was largely driven out by one manager in particular, who targeted me through bullying, gaslighting and other forms of manipulation. When I discussed with HR - throughout my time at Envato - they seemed to not believe me, and said there was nothing I could do about it. This was despite my best efforts to document her behavior and to articulate just how damaging it was. I was only told that it was up to their manager to do what they thought was appropriate... and their manager did nothing. Their behavior eventually led me to a complete mental breakdown. To the credit of the HR team, I was given two weeks of mental health leave when I finally left - though perhaps just to avoid a workplace harrassment lawsuit. Meanwhile, the manager continues to work there today, where her behavior continues. How is this acceptable, Envato? Is that the sort of behavior that's rewarded? The culture of Envato varies widely between departments, so I can't speak for the experiences across the company. In the marketing team, it's tough, particularly if you are not in the inner-circle of management. People are told they "aren't allowed" to ask questions about the decisions of managers, and all points about being 'clique-y' in other reviews are accurate. I've never witnessed so much work politics, backstabbing, passive-aggressiveness, or complicated alliances. It doesn't help that the reporting structure of the department means that everyone is competing against each other, rather than working together collaboratively - which often means forgoing a smarter strategic plan in favor of quick-wins to boost the numbers of your own marketing channel. The 'perks' at Envato are so overhyped, and in some cases, inaccurate for them to claim. For example, Envato boasts about the opportunity for secondments - to spend some time working in other teams. In practice, this is incredibly difficult and requires a lot of office politics. In one case - of a coworker who worked directly for the chief commercial officer of the company - they only succeeded in completing a secondment because they were told they could "do their regular job on nights and weekends". To me, that doesn't seem like a 'benefit' to promote - that's just exploiting your workers and getting two jobs for the price of one, all because you've made it feel like it's the only way to get ahead. I was also told there would be no opportunities for growth in my role. For a company that prides itself on growth opportunities, well, that statement seems to directly contradict that. When I left, I was the third person on a team of 4 to quit within the span of a few weeks - others leaving for similar growth-opportunity frustrations. If you're looking for a place where your career has the potential to grow, take that into consideration. Envato's attitude towards diversity is... puzzling. There are lots of people at Envato who truly believe in diversity in the workplace - and plenty who don't. Overall, there is a strange, condescending attitude towards 'diversity initiatives', much of it coming from upper management. It's just not about filling quotas for new women hires. It's about taking a stand against sexist comments in all-hands meetings, and not rolling your eyes at anything diversity-related. There are people at Envato who insist that sexism or discrimination - both as concepts in general, and at Envato specifically - is somehow "not real". The original 'startup story' of Collis and Cyan - smart, young couple with a passion for a business idea, bootstraps a successful company - is a true one and a good one. Collis is a smart, inspirational person, who is kind, approachable, and fun to work with. If only he was around more to actually lead! With Collis focusing on other things and Cyan off launching a new chocolate company, they seem to have abandoned a sinking ship . Envato seems to hide behind pseudo-excitement and announcements - constant celebratory milestone parties, excessive boasting about their Code Like a Girl partnership, new product launches with thoughtless follow-through, mindless repeating of values, new artwork in HQ. Meanwhile, they ignore the actual growing discontent and unhappiness of their employees. Where there was once inspirational, thoughtful leaders, there are now numbers-obsessed managers, and a cold, corporate culture. It's a place where short-term thinking sales wins over any real strategy. In short, Envato feels like it has lost its soul. What could have been a great place to work was ultimately just a disappointing, frustrating, and damaging experience."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Envato full-time Cons: - Like a number of others, I agree that you're either in the in-crowd or you're going to be miserable. Success at this company comes from being buddies with the right managers, and if you want to get buy-in, investment or even acknowledgment of your work and ideas you'll want to hope you're friends with the right person. - If there is any strategy beyond the immediate short term, it's very well hidden. Any attempts to address long term issues or projects are at best met with disinterest, and will always be impossible to get action on. - Don't expect training. The budget for training, like with most things, is extraordinarily small, and the process to unlock the meagre amount on offer seems to purposely difficult to discourage people from accessing it."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Envato full-time Cons: Your salary will be well below average for the job you do. Middle management (for the most part) are blind to their mistakes and will try to find others to throw the blame on rather than own up to it. There is a very strong culture of a "cool kids club" so if you're not willing to kiss the ground those in a leadership position walk on, then you'll have an impossible time being acknowledged, let alone heard by if you have an idea on a particular project."

Former Employee - Project Lead says

"I worked at Envato full-time for more than a year Cons: Zero career growth, terrible pay, unreliable and inexperienced managers, favoritism - Uninterested and gossipy HR department. This place really does not care about its employees unless you invest all your energy into kissing Senior Mgmt/The CEO/CEO's family/HR's derriere's. The only place where you can quite literally do no work and still be held up as a mascot of the business."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Envato full-time Cons: A confused and listing ship that tries to be everything but masters nothing. A place where appreciation, funding and support is so poorly managed department to department that you have growing resentment on all levels. Envato is one of the few companies of its type to not offer equity to employees, does not offer bonuses or performance incentives and has over the past removed or 'managed out' anyone who has challenged the direction of senior management (many of whom are related to the CEO)..... Basically - Everything that discourages your workers from going above and beyond. Doubtful, uncertain and inexperienced middle management that are the antithesis of an Agile work environment. Senior management that spend all their time planning rather than executing projects - Most of which are slower to complete than government. The HR department is so ineffective and self preservationist that you can just about see the owners hands working them like puppets. A multitude of qualified candidates walk away from interviews because they are frequently offered well under market rate. This company quite literally believes that you should feel so blessed to work for them that you will forego any: Career development, a fair salary, learning opportunities or supportive management just so you can be a part of "The Envato Experience".. This experience is built upon a values system that is so fundamentally flawed that you end up cringing every time it is mentioned."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I have been working at Envato full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Dealing with literally hundreds of complaints from customers who were unhappy with the products they had purchased. Feeling compelled to fob customers off - basically this company is a poor example of modern capitalism. Its all about greed. I feel like we rip people off (customer basically in order to stay in line with managemet"

Former Employee - Support says

"I worked at Envato full-time for less than a year Cons: I worked for this company they basically told us to steal money. Customers asked help for broken templates and they told us to not to help and no refund! I beg them to help people but they told us that it is not our work to help people but help company to earn money due to our salary. It is stealing and I am not a thief. I left this scam company!"


"I worked at Envato Cons: Envato has become an expensive crèche for its engineers and a recycling facility for average managers and ideas."

Xen says

"I had a horrible experience with Envato. I purchased a themeforest product and upon checkout they locked my account for absolutely no reason whatsoever. When I emailed they said that \"upon investigation they have permanently blocked my account\". Like seriously? I submitted all my correct details, used a valid payment method and that too using my own card and yet they blocked me. What exactly was wrong in a simple god damn purchase? They really running a scamshow tbh."

Vanessa Scott says

"I tried envato and it wasn't compatible with my movavi and I requested same day of purchase to refund my money due to lack of usage, I can't use envato it isn't compatible and they refused stating that I downloaded one of their effects and because of that they can't refund it, awful way to do business that effect didn't work for me or any of their effects. Don't do business with companies like this if in the future I will have Adobe as they required I won't ever buy any effects or anything because of this experience."

Lawrence says

"Incompetent, verging on criminal, lack of response when seeking a refund for a defective software product. The software author already admits that there are problems, yet Envato wanted proof. So I sent comprehensive evidence (screen captures, etc.) which has been ignored despite five follow-ups. Use another supplier if you ever think you will need a refund for defective software."

Tajer com says

"Horrible customers service and refund policy."

LEROY says

"I gave a 3 star review because I've been generally satisfied with what I've used envato for; music beds, stock photos and video. I have not fully tried using the graphic design templates but would like to start utilizing them more in the coming year."

raphael says

"Not much useful graphics wise, I use it mostly for music. Comparing to buy motion graphics stuff on videehive it’s Not even one star"

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